Urban Lightscape


Change the lighting on your pictures and highlight the details


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Urban Lightscape is a simple tool with which you can edit your pictures by adjusting lighting options.

Sometimes you want to take a picture and you realize that you don't have good enough light to make a good photograph. With this postproduction app, you can end this problem in just seconds.

Urban Lightscape lets you correct the brightness, contrast, and artificial lighting on your pictures.

It's really useful, since you can edit any photograph directly on its interface if you want, or add it as an extension on other photo editing programs like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, using it along other specific features on these programs that have their own lighting options.

The results are really professional, and it never puts your pictures at risk, because it has the option of undoing any changes and get the image back to the original version, deleting all the layers you add.


Trial version works for 21 days.

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